Blood Brothers
By Peg Keeley

Part 7


Duke sat on the ground against the brick wall of The Olive Pit in the same alley where Max had been shot. His dirty, battered clothing would not have betrayed that he was waiting for someone. He had a fifth of cheap whiskey on the ground between his stretched out legs. He occasionally swished some around in his mouth and spit it out to keep the proper smell of alcohol on his breath. The late night began to meld into early morning. He was not wearing a watch but his internal clock told him the time was shortly before 3AM. He had not heard much activity in the club in over an hour.

Then, the back door opened. A bar maid stuck her head out and spotting the drunk in the alley yelled harshly. "You, get out of here! Go find somewhere else to sleep it off."

Duke looked over at her. "This place is okay."

"No it's not, old man," she countered, stepping out into the alley. "Look, my boss doesn't want nobody out here. You got that?" Her voice began to sound mildly sincere. "You stay here and he'll send somebody out here to hurt you. Do you understand?"

"Hurt me?" Duke repeated, still playing his role. "Like they hurt that cop the other night?"

"Hush!" She whispered. "Just go old man."

"Say, cool the old man stuff," Duke commented.

"Okay, young stud," she remarked sarcastically. "Just go."

He slowly began to pull himself to his feet and she noticed the cane. As she reached over to help him up, she suddenly looked at him more critically and murmured into his ear: "You're a cop, aren't you?"

"No," he answered truthfully, "just looking for why my friend got shot."

"Well, you have a good cover, but your eyes are too kind," she commented.

"Have to remember that. Have mean eyes," Duke said with a nod. "Can you help me?"

She licked her lips. "I don't know anything."

"But you were here," he commented. "Did you come on out that door that night, too?"

"I use that door every night," she said quietly, glancing around.

"And what did you see that night?" Duke asked.

"I didn't see anything," she snapped. "Your tryin' to get me killed?"

"If you know something you don't tell me I will get your arrested."

She shook her head. "You are a cop."

"No, just used to be."

She wrapped her arms around herself and rubbed her upper arms with her hands. "Well, Mr. Used-to-be-a-Cop, how are you going to keep me alive when Mickey Kwann finds out I talked to you?"

"Mickey Kwann was in this?"

She sighed and wrapped her arm around Duke's waist. "You aren't too bad lookin', you know. How about my place for a little drink or two?"

By the time they had reached the tumbledown, paint-bare, bug infested two room apartment, Duke had learned her name to be Anna Cason and that she had worked at the Olive Pit about a year. It had recently changed owners when Mickey Kwann bought out her former boss. As she shut the door she turned and tossed her housekey into a small ceramic dish. "Want that drink?"

"No thanks," Duke said quietly. "What can you tell me about the night Max Conner was shot."

"I usually close up, come out that door, come home. I never have no trouble. I even pick up on the good guys -- you know what I mean? I don't use drugs and I only drink sometimes. I am not a whore," Anna rambled.

"Anna, I'm not here to judge you," Duke commented.

"I started to push the door open when I noticed noise in the lot. Car engines. Well, a car engine. So, I stopped. I was worried because I didn't know who was out there." She stopped and poured herself a drink. "It was a big car, maybe a caddy. Dark colored. And I saw that cop standing at the back window talkin' to somebody inside. They didn't argue, or yell -- just talkin' quiet. I couldn't hear what they said. The black cop turned around like he was walking away and a guy gets out of the driver's seat with a gun and aims it at the cop. I know he heard because he started to turn back with his gun, but didn't make it." She slowed down. "The driver guy shot him once and he fell backwards against the other car -- a little red one. Then the driver shot him again and he fell down. The guy got back in the car and they drove away."

"Did you ever see the guy who was in the back seat of the car?" Duke asked, almost holding his breath.

"Maybe -- yes, for just a moment. Don't know if I'd remember him."

"And the driver guy?"

"Yes -- I'm pretty sure I'd know him."

"Would you be willing to come down to HPD and look at some pictures?" Duke asked.

"If I do that, they 'll kill me."

"We won't let them," Duke replied.

She gave a smirk. "It will be done before you know it."

"We can keep you safe."

She gave a little nod. "In the morning then. I'm tired. I'll go in the morning if you will spend the night to protect me."

Duke was a little shocked. "All right. But I spend the night on the couch."

She stuck out her lower lip in a pout.

Steve offered to stay the night with Lonnie at the cottage, but at Lonnie's insistence Steve took him back to the hospital before midnight. A nurse brought Lonnie and Danny some blankets and pillows that they curled up in out in the waiting room but neither did more than doze occasionally. Every so often, Danny would go to check on Audrey and Lonnie would remain behind, unable to force himself to see her.

The sky was beginning to brighten towards the dawn when Danny brought some donuts and Cokes. "I guess it isn't the best of breakfasts," he commented as he offered the food to Lonnie.

Lonnie managed a small smile.

"You doing okay?" Danny asked watching his son closely.

"No," he answered truthfully. "I'm scared."

Danny nodded. "Me, too."

"I don't want her to die," Lonnie whispered. "I feel like it's my fault." Should I tell him?

"It's not your fault," Danny fired back quickly. "If it anyone's, it's mine. I threatened Junior Caputo yesterday. He wanted to get even. " He could feel the anger beginning to build in his chest, his mind, his face. "He's a cowardly bastard. Shooting a little kid. Just like his father and uncle before him."

Lonnie's eyes had grown large and round. He rarely heard his father curse in front of him. He could almost feel the rage radiating from him. He noticed Danny's hands tremble although they were clasped in front of him. He is really mad. I've never seen him this mad. What if he were to find out it might be MY fault?

Danny seemed oblivious to Lonnie's expression as he focused his gaze at the linolium floor. "You remember me telling you about Lani?"

Remember? How could I forget? Her picture is on the wall -- right next to my mother's.

"His family had her killed because they wanted to hurt me." Danny's eyes narrowed. "Junior if following right in his father's footsteps."

Lonnie was going numb with a new shock. Did Wela Ula have Audrey killed to hurt me? "What happened to Junior's father?" he whispered through tight lips.

"Not enough," Danny muttered. "We caught them -- after they'd murdered nine people. They went to prison on the mainland. Eugene, Junior's dad died a couple of years ago from a heart attack. The uncle Tony is still alive. There is talk about paroling him because he has Parkinson's Disease."

Lonnie did not know what Parkinson's Disease was but hoped it was something dreadful.

"They didn't pay enough," Danny whispered again. Why am I saying all this to a child? He doesn't need to hear all this? I must be too tired here. "Sorry, Lonnie. I should not have brought this up right now." He rubbed his hands together and tried to look less angry.

"What about Audrey? If this guy Junior shot her -- will he pay enough?" Lonnie murmured.

Danny turned to look his son full in the face, the fury just barely in check. "Lonnie, I promise you, as I live, this time I'll get Junior -- or whoever it is -- and they will pay. I promise."

Lonnie cringed inwardly, terror of his own possible involvement resurfacing. He wanted to tell what he knew, but was too frightened. What exactly would happen if I told? Would I end up in trouble? Would I go to jail? What about Dad? He'd be so angry, maybe he'd never speak to me again. He would never forgive me. The image of the crushed orange floated before his mind. Would they come back and kill my Dad, too? He shivered. "Great, Dad," he whispered, also looking down at the floor.


Steve arrived at the office just past 6:00AM and started the coffee. I used to do this every morning. It feels like the old days, but it is not the old days. He quietly glanced through the files from the day before, noting the comments from Richard about the car and the 9mm casing that had been found. Part way down the report Duke's name stuck out as though it had been highlighter.

Duke Lukela? This is no place for him, not with Caputo running wild. I cannot have him placing himself, his wife, his family at risk. Bad enough Danno became involved and look what has happened. He picked up the phone and dialed Lukelas.

Mary answered the phone on the second ring.

"Mary, I need to speak with Duke," Steve stated.

"He isn't here, Steve."

His heartbeat quickened. "Where is he?"

"He called fifteen minutes ago. He is protecting a young woman who may have witnessed Max's shooting."

"Is he coming here?" The last thing I want is a possible witness in this bugged office.

She chuckled on the phone. "I believe he is somewhere in town."

"Mary, this is not a safe thing to do."

"Sometimes we can't worry about safe, Steve," she said wisely. "We all want to get to the bottom of this."

Steve told Mary good-bye. I need to stay away from Duke Lukela. I only hope that he can accomplish something. This will certainly be something Masakaski does not favor.


Lonnie sat up on the hard couch, his mouth dry. The Coke from the night before sat, half-finished beside him and he took a drink of the now flat soda. Danny was gone. Lonnie slowly got to his feet and walked to the doorway of the unit.

The nurse looked up. "Would you like to visit your sister?"

He did not have the energy to try to explain the dynamics of his family. He nodded.

"Come on then. Your Dad is with her. This would be a good time for you to visit."

There are no goods times, Lonnie thought blackly. He let the nurse lead him to a small cubicle, dread growing with each step. What will I see? Will she look okay? Will she be messed up and tubes and all?

As they stepped in the doorway, Danny lifted his head from where he had been dozing resting against Audrey's bed. "Lonnie." He looked pleased that Lonnie had come in.

Lonnie stared at Audrey lying still and in seeming peace. She looks okay. She looks asleep. "She sure looks little now, huh?" he murmured.

"Yeah." Danny rubbed his eyes. "She still hasn't woken up, Lonnie. The doctor says her body is healing, she just need to give her more time."

Lonnie still looked at the frail body before them. "Is she going to die?"

"I don't think so," Danny replied. "You hungry?"

He shook his head no. "Is it okay for me to stay here for awhile?"

"Sure. Just be -- you know -- quiet."

Lonnie nodded. "Um -- I can stay here by myself if you want to go get some sleep."

Danny hesitated. "Well--"

"Really. I can just talk to her or something," Lonnie encouraged.

It sounds like he really wants to be alone with her. Maybe I should give him that chance. "Okay, Lonnie." Even as he headed for the cubicle doorway, Danny felt the plan he had thought about all night suddenly seem to come alive. "Lonnie, I'm going to check in with Steve. I'll be gone for a little while."

Lonnie just nodded and watched him leave. "Audrey," he whispered quietly to the unconscious child, "I'm sorry." A tear slid out of one eye. "I'm sorry they hurt you. It's my fault. I promise I will make it right somehow. I promise." In spite of his fear, his guilt, and sorrow, a seed of vengeance began to grow and Lonnie knew he needed to find out from his blood brothers what the truth was.


By the time Danny left the elevator heading for the parking lot, he was consumed by righteous rage. The law isn't strong enough for snakes like the Caputos. There will always be another snake. They will always come slithering back. They know how to manipulate the system, twist it, prevert it to their own ends. How can I stop someone like this with the law? I can't. Images of Lani falling mortally wounded to the ground, the feeling of horror knowing instantly that she was dead; the white hot rage and the smothering guilt. If she had never known me, she would still be alive. She would have married some pineapple grower, raised a pack of kids, lived forever. Carrie nearly died because she got close to me. I brought Audrey back with us to help her be safe, to help her grow up in a normal life. If I had not brought her here, this would not be happening to her. How can I stop this? Wait for Steve to arrest Caputo? That is little more than slapping him in the penalty box for a while. That just isn't good enough. I want him to pay.

He started the car, and gazed through the windshield at the formosa bush filled with brilliant flowers blooming in from of him. It is a beautiful morning. It will be a morning of justice. He checked the load of his .38 before he left the parking lot.


Junior added the cream to his coffee as Victor, one of his bodyguards entered the sunlit dinette area. "What is it, Victor?"

"Someone to see you," Victor answered. "One of those Five-0 cops. You wanna talk to him?"

"He'll see me," came a voice as Danny angrily pushed past Victor who outsized and weighed him two to one.

Junior gave a broad grin. "Mr. Williams! Good morning." He smiled at Victor. "Fetch us another coffee cup, would you? And ask Phyllis to send out some of those little scones."

Victor hesitated, remembering Danny's outburst from the day before. "Boss..."

Junior waved him off. "Mr. Williams, am I right to assume you have a warrant?"

Danny began to reach inside his jacket, pretending to have the warrant.

Junior waved a hand. "What is a mere piece of paper between friends."

Danny resisted the urge to leap over the table and strangle the bathrobed Junior on the spot. "We have some unfinished business."

Junior was mildly intrigued about whatever could have brought Williams alone to his home. He also recalled vividly the violent behavior of yesterday, but what was life if one never took a chance? He clapped his hands once and cheerfully waved Danny towards a seat. "Please, join me! Let us discuss this business. Tell me, is it McGarrett who wants something?"

"I want something," Danny stated coldly, feeling the sweat along his collar line. I must do this just right and quickly.

"Oh?" Junior asked. He was still smiling, but in his mind a warning flag was up.


"Just -- regarding what?"

Danny came close to Junior, inches from his face. "You had Max shot. I know that, McGarrett knows that, you know we know it. And you know that we can't prove it -- yet. That's Steve's problem. But when you go after my child---" He drew his gun and pressed it against Junior's head, "--that's my problem."

"Your -- what the hell!" Junior squeaked, terrified and baffled. He tried to scramble back, but Danny had a firm grip on his arm. Glassware crashed from the table to the terrazo floor. "Mother of God, what is this!"

"You know the whole bloody history! It's your history as well as mine. Your father had Lani killed and I couldn't stop it! You killed Max and we couldn't stop it! You killed Tutu and we couldn't stop it!" He now had Junior to the wall, pressing the gun so hard against the younger man's head that it was making an imprint on his forehead. "But this time I am stopping you. I won't let you try to kill another defenseless child! No matter what the cost!" He thinks he is untouchable, so clever, so above it all. No one is above death. Is he seeing that now? Is he wondering about his immortal soul? Hell is ready for you, Caputo. The same hell your damned father escaped this world to too easily.

"Hey, hey, wait man! What are you talking about?" Junior pleaded.

"Don't play dumb with me, Junior, it doesn't become you. And it won't help. It's Audrey we're talking about!" Danny shouted. His eye are bulging in fear, his heart is pounding, make him suffer before he dies. Does he know what his victims know?

"Audrey?" Junior whispered, confused. "Who's Audrey? Jeeze, you're talking crazy! Listen here, you shoot me, what happens to you?"

There was a new voice. "Good question, Bruddah." It was Louie in the doorway of the dinette. He had bolted so quickly from the surveillance truck that the cord of his headset still dangling from around his neck. "Danno, man, put the gun down."

Danny glanced at Louie. I should have acted more quickly. I should just have pulled the trigger and been done with this sorry excuse of a being. "I am going to finish this."

"We all gonna finish it, man. But not this way."

Junior remained frozen, sweat pouring off his face. "Don't let him kill me, please!"

"Danno, come on, man. He ain't worth the half ounce of lead, let alone your life. That's what this is gonna cost if you pull that trigger. Think about Lonnie and Audrey. They need you as a papa, not locked up for killing this low life. Don't let the Caputos destroy you."

Lonnie? Audrey? Of course that is true. What am I thinking? I took too long and the opportunity is lost. I need to give in for now. Danny slowly exhaled and, even more slowly, reluctantly, lowered the gun.

"Come on, man," Louie took Danny by the arm. "Let's split this place."

Junior straightened his robe and cleared his throat. "Hey! You, Akauna! You wait. I want that crazy ex-cop arrested! I wanna press charges!"

Louie turned back. "You just shut up, Caputo! You kiss your sweet little ass that you ain't breathing out the back of your head this morning." He slammed the door between them and Junior. As they made it to the drive way he glanced at Danny. "You really messed it up, Bruddah. Steve is gonna blow his mind."

Danny felt the rage still squirming, but the horror of what he had nearly done was greater. What will Steve say? What will he do? I have to have broken a dozen laws both civil and criminal. How could I have considered killing Caputo in cold blood? Maybe because there's no other way to make him pay. "Thank you, Louie."

"Well, save the thanks. If Caputo really gets off on this, we got you on tape. I sure hope you've got an answer for Steve on this one." Louie hesitated. "Better give me the gun."

Danny slowly turned the .38 over to Louie.

Louie put the pistol into his pocket. "Dammit, Danno. I think I'm supposed to arrest you. I can either take you in or take you back to the hospital and let Steve deal with this." He lifted an eyebrow. "Go back to the hospital. I'll follow you to be certain that you arrive. The surveillance is blown here anyway."

Danny sighed. I made him blow the watch. I have made it harder to get Caputo. What was I thinking anyway? Steve is gonna kill me.


Junior tried to settle his nerves as he looked for a smoke in the pocket of his robe. The cigar he found was broken. He cursed and screamed for his bodyguards. "What the hell was Williams babbling about! Where were you!"

The three large men glanced at each other, no one willing to remind Junior that he had instructed them to leave.

Junior smoothed his hair. "Who is this Audrey?" he demanded.

"The morning paper," Victor finally recalled, scooping the scattered sheets that were under the table. He fumbled through the mess until he found the front page. "Here. Yeah, this kid is Audrey." He showed Junior the large headline about a driveby shooting at the school.

Junior scanned it quickly. "Audrey Harven?" he murmured. "What's this got to do with me?" He issued some choice oaths. "This is Williams' kid!" He threw the paper aside. "He thinks we did this. Damn. He should know I have a lot more class than that." He paced the floor for several seconds. "He won't let up on this one. Mark my words, if he was hot the first time -- did you see what he just did? He nearly blew my brains out!" he paced a few more laps.

"Maybe we need to figure out who did do it," another guards suggested.

Junior turned, about to criticize the man, the stopped. "Yes, of course." His mind started to work feverishly. "Yes. Yes. Find Bruno. I want to know what happened to that kid. We find her shooter, we can get Williams off our backs and maybe, out of gratitude, McGarrett as well. I can come out of this looking like the heroic law abiding citizen."


Louie deposited Danny back and Children's Hospital then, as Danny rode up the elevator, Louie turned to the phone to make a difficult call to McGarrett. He is not gonna be happy about this.

Danny found Lonnie sitting in the waiting room of ICU. "How's Audrey?" he asked.

Lonnie put down the National Geographic. "She was kind of awake. She opened her eyes, but she didn't do anything."

"Really?" Danny felt his spirits rising some. Something good is coming from this day perhaps. "Did she say anything?"

He shook his head no.

"What did she do?"

"Nothing. She just lay there. Then after a little while, she closed her eyes again," Lonnie explained. I feel stupid. Should I have done something? Dad probably thinks I didn't so something right.

"I wish I had been here," Danny admitted. Maybe I could have gotten her to say something or do something.

A nurse appeared in the doorway. "Oh, Mr. Williams, did Lonnie tell you the good news?"

He nodded. "Is she awake again?"

"Not right now. She seems to keep slipping in and out of a semi-coma state. The doctor thinks this may be a shock response to what happened. We would like to try to surround Audrey with things that she enjoys. You and Lonnie being in the room with her is helpful. He was with her most of the morning. He did a great job."

Lonnie looked hopefully at Danny, wondering if his Dad thought he'd done a good job.

Danny managed a smile and squeezed Lonnie's shoulder.

"What else can we provide for her?" the nurse asked.

"Like what?" Danny replied.

"You know, things that are her favorites. Music, TV shows, toy?"

Danny felt the color rising in his face. He realized for the first time that he knew none of the answers. How could I live with this child for four months and not know her at all?

"Power Rangers," Lonnie supplied, noticing Danny's embarrassment. "She watches Power Rangers. And she likes Garth Brooks and Amy Grant. And she really likes strawberry milkshakes."

The nurse smiled as she wrote. "It may be a day or two before the milkshakes."

"That there is a stuffed toy wolf that Grandpa Lincoln gave her. That is really special to her," Lonnie concluded.

Danny stood by feeling useless. After the nurse left he turned to Lonnie. "Thanks, Sport."

Lonnie did not answer right away. He felt angry that Danny had not cared to know more about Audrey, but could not explain why it upset him. "Can I go home and get the wolf?" he asked.

"Sure. I'll give you cab fare. Why don't you stay there for awhile. I'll pick you up later and bring you back." That way he won't be here when Steve errupts. Danny swallowed once, regret washing over him. He counted out a few bills and handed them to Lonnie. "Get some rest, okay?"

Lonnie nodded and walked to the elevator.

As the door hissed shut, Danny sank down onto the soda. What is wrong with me? I go off the deep end with Junior. I don't know about Audrey's likes. I feel like Lonnie is the parent right now instead of me. What is happening here?


End Part 7

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